Recommendations for review of your technical documentation


Every project needs one or several technical documents describing its structure, processes to carry out or specifications of each of its parts. For this reason we consider key in IDI S.L. make clear writing, organization and Technical documentation review in order to help as much as possible to your recipient.


A technical document is written that contains information about an area of ​​knowledge, organized in a structured and effectively presented to readers. Quite simply we can define a technical paper like everything that document is not a literary work and is related to labor, technological or scientific field. In addition, it accompanies every project as a fundamental part of it.

There are different types of technical documentation associated with each stage of the project: reports, plan, manuals, parts lists, etc.

The technical documentation is all information that explains how it works, how it is installed, as an installation, a computer, a system serving.

The technical documents must meet a set of principles and techniques to "map" information, to structure information blocks to label, to illustrate and to use typography, of course, must also follow the rules of writing, such as spelling and correct use of syntax.

For a technical paper quality, and consider its foundations, it requires careful planning, in which the relevance of developing the document is analyzed, and how, when and under what program do it.

Not just any document, although a manual, a report or a note, is an efficient technical document fails to comply with the principles and precise rules.


To write a good technical paper must follow a set of rules, which define the correct application efficiency have to be consulted by the recipients. These rules do not refer only to aesthetic or inspirational writer aspects, but precise and strict rules so that, leaving aside a visually pleasing or organization look and use of graphic resources, the material achieves its purpose primary to present concrete information.

By making such documents, the challenge is to ensure that recipients actually read and assimilate its contents. A well-crafted document should invite reading. A good document is pleasing to the reader, even though he may not know exactly why it's nice.

To achieve this goal the document must:

  • Be easy to read.
  • Allow the reader to get the most out of your content.
  • Facilitate updating.
  • Providing different levels of detail.

When writing a document should follow the following theorems:

  1. Identify the recipients and write appropriately for them.
  2. Write clearly.
  3. Write concisely.
  4. Capture the attention of recipients.
  5. Help the reader easy understanding.

To achieve harmony among all theorems will have to master two aspects that may seem contradictory:

  • Creativity
  • Discipline

This requires both theoretical and experimental know the basics of good technical documentation as to practice, practice, practice.


there is great variety of technical documentsWith which you are probably familiar:

  • Mail electronic
  • Instant messages
  • plans
  • Crafts
  • Documentation Software
  • Presentations
  • circulars
  • User manuals
  • Organizational manuals
  • Websites
  • notes
  • Textbooks
  • Scientific articles
  • guides
  • reports
  • instructive


The number of documents that are generated in a company past few months is overwhelming. It is therefore necessary to have a strategy document management company. Working procedures, internal manuals, equipment and facilities, qualifications, validations, permits, plans and etc. They are constantly and incorporated into the database generated.

Proper management of all information and documentation that has allowed the company to be more efficient and optimize work.

Having all duly organized documentation and applying a good method of technical review, greatly speeds up the search in the future of any file.

Clearly, on the one hand, we emphasize the efficiency and speed when storing and locating documents. However, another important element is the savings in resources.

Bear in mind that the document management can be both paper and automatically in a computer system. However, it is now common to see that most companies are organized through the use of powerful systems enterprise resource planning (ERP by its acronym, enterprise resource planning) where they store, unify and manage effectively all data and documents of your company.

Advantages of document management

A good document management company, has a number of advantages:

  • logical and organized storage Documentation of each of the departments of the company.
  • computerization of all information.
  • Saving resourcesEquipment, space and time.
  • Increase security files, these being low key safe to which few have access.
  • Cloud storage, Which prevents loss of files and deterioration of documentation.
  • Share information with people who need it is easier than ever.
  • Fast location of documents, Have the seniority they have. By having a management system and logical organization, we will find very quickly that we go looking.
  • Facilitate updating documentation.


In IDI we possess extensive experience in the organization, updating, management and review of technical documentation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We are specialists keep up to date plans, diagrams, schematic diagrams and all the graphic documents held by the industry.

In addition, we adapt to technical drawing program to use as we work with a wide variety of design tools, both 2D and 3D.

If you need to reorganize your business documents, please Contact with us and we will make a detailed technical review of your documentation for optimal management and updating.