Ingeniería y Desarrollos Integrales S.L. was founded in the year 1994. Since then, it has developed different and varied types of work for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector nationally, as for example, basic engineering and detail projects, installations of climate for cleanrooms or developments of boilermaking and metal structures, among others.

In early 2011, IDI SL developed and put up a new line of products themselves, whose design, construction and sale are directly made by her own company.

Our Department tecnico-ingeniero can study the adaptation of our products to the line of manufacture of each customer, with the objective of increase and improve its production in benefit of the quality of their products.

Nowadays, IDI SL works with two open lines: first and foremost, the detail engineering, and the second, with new studies of development of products themselves, always thinking in give the best service to the improvement of the production.