What is it and how to perform a detailed engineering (Part 3)


What is it and how to perform a detailed engineering

After the first steps necessary to carry out detailed engineering, which we explain in our last entryNow we will give you all the keys to the integration and organization prior to its development strategy.

  1. Integration of the parties.
  2. Planning the construction phase.
  3. Documentation and communication.
  4. Organization detail engineering.

1. Integration of the parties

After completing the calculations of the component parts of the project, the next activity is to integrate the solutions obtained for each subproblem in larger sets. The integration will not be made all at once, because not all problems can be solved simultaneously. In addition those responsible for different, according to the level of subdivision you are.

At the highest level of decomposition who perform integration are specialists or estimators. Each performs the integration of the parts is calculated and, as you perform this task, any inconsistency or incompatibility will force him to go back and reconsider some assumptions which adopted the calculations can go start appearing.

At this point, the chief engineer will be responsible for analyzing all the design done by each specialist engineer and verify that you can engage as designed by other engineers to form coherent subsystems.

Finally is the project manager responsible for integrating subsystems into a harmonious whole, reviewing the problems that may arise in such integration.

Many problems of integration between the parties can be found before the final calculations if the control and monitoring activities have malfunctioned. To this it should take precautions such as:

  • Consistency in assumptions problems working under the same conditions.
  • Use of materials compatible with environmental conditions.
  • Using calculation methods compatible with similar precision.
  • such reliability for each component.
  • fluid and constant communication throughout the team.
  • Collaboration between team members.

We should note that it is this stage of integration may be the case that the docking problems can not be resolved reconsidering already solved problems, but may be due to lack of accuracy in methods used or being own system. In this case the solution can pass to use trial and error techniques to correct errors and adjust the system.

2. Planning construction phase

This phase is planned shortly before the start, but construction projects is a legal requirement the plan works and include it in the project documents.

3. Documentation and Communication

This is where the presentation of the results of the work carried out customer has special importance. They should prepare a set of documents explaining the solutions given to the problems and how they came to them.

4. Organization detail engineering

For proper development of the project, it is necessary to have a complete organizational chart and explain how this will develop different participants. All this, according to the procedures outlined in the manual coordination and the project quality plan.

Various departments involved in the project will depend mainly on the nature of the project, but also the organization of the company that develops.

Here are the key departments of the project we list:

  • infrastructures
  • Architecture and construction
  • Structures and foundations
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity
  • Pipelines
  • Instrumentation and control

It is important that, before starting the detailed engineering, is foreseen the possible allocation of resources needed by each department. It is customary at this stage involved a resident engineer represented the property.

Meet the activities undertaken by each department in our next posts on detailed engineering or contact us for further information about our service.